aictina consulting: your partner for IT professionals


Our company is a recruiting firm based in Barcelona, and specialized in providing the best technical profiles at any European location.


Our vocation is finding talent from any European country and bring it in to European companies for technological projects.


Our specialization in the Information and Communications Technology, our pool of talented engineers ready to work at any European location and our knowledge about the European culture and needs makes us a unique choice for European multinationals oriented to the Private or Public Administration IT market.


Our added value as a consultancy firm derives from our knowledge of EU Public Affairs and thus being able to undertake complex international assignments.


About us


Aictina Consulting was created in 2013 with the experience in EU Recruitment from Aventia Consulting (Spanish IT Company with over 400 employees).


Our staff is a highly-qualified team with vast knowledge in IT recruitment and supported by a network of multi-disciplinary and well-reputed professionals in their areas of expertise .


Thanks to out collaborators’ network we have a live database with over 15,000 previously interviewed IT candidates.


Our service is based on experience, tech savvyness and total commitment to both our clients and candidates.


Our value proposition lies in 3 key areas:


Knowledge, brought by our specialization in international IT recruiting


Flexibility to provide customized solutions to your specific needs


Quality, both in internal selection processes and in the service offered


Our services


We can provide your company with a great range of services including:

  • Recruiting Services:
    • Retained fee: Exclusive service for recruiting very specific positions.
    • Contingency fee: Pay only if you hire the candidate a percentage of his annual salary retribution.
    • Fixed fee: For high volume or recurring services a fixed fee is stablished for every position.
  • Freelances:

    • Traditional: Find freelances for a specific day/tariff or best rate available for a success fee.

    • At risk: We can also share risks with you (long-term assignments).

  • Outsourcing Services: We can also offer profiles for subcontracting through 3rd parties, taking advantage of more favorable Spanish labor norms (expatriates, allowances,…).


  • Tailored Services: We offer customized services to match your unique needs.


Our clients


We are offering our services to numerous european companies, ranging from start ups, SMEs to large multinationals with over 100,000 employees (for confidentiality reasons we don't include their names).



Although not directly, we have also worked through our clients with many European institutions such as:


Geographical coverage


We are currently working in most Central Europe including: Belgium, Luxembourgh, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Ireland and Denmark. We are always open to include new European countries from our clients.


In Spain we are working for International multinationals who decided to open a Software Factory in Barcelona (companies from Germany, Sweden, UK and Japan) as well as for local companies (software developing, Consultancy, R&D centers, etc.).



We have offices at Barcelona (Spain) and Munich (Germany).


Our headquarters are located at:

Carrer Gomis, 34

(08023, Barcelona)


You can also contact us at: